There are six projects in this course and one spare project. To make it as adaptable as possible we have prepared three versions of each project (simple, main and advanced) except for the extra project (there is one version of this, though the lesson plan suggests possible extensions and simplifications).

The first two projects in the course are quite simple, and the simple versions of each would suit new coders. The final project is quite advanced and has been designed to allow the students more freedom to personalise their projects, however there is still a very simple version that a new coder could do.

1. Guess The Rhyme

Guess The Rhyme: Main
Guess the Rhyme: Simple
Guess The Rhyme: Advanced

2. Fireworks

Fireworks: Main
Fireworks: Simple
Fireworks: Advanced

3. Magic Elephant

Magic Elephant: Main
Magic Elephant: Simple
Magic Elephant: Advanced

4. About Me

About Me: Main
About Me: Simple
About Me: Advanced

5. Escape The Dragon

Escape The Dragon: Main
Escape The Dragon: Simple
Escape The Dragon: Advanced

6. Gizmo’s Spy Quiz

Gizmo’s Spy Quiz: Main
Gizmo’s Spy Quiz: Simple
Gizmo’s Spy Quiz: Advanced

EXTRA: Junior MasterChef