Bumble Bee

This lesson introduces the ScratchJr app to children who have never used it before with a simple fun song. The lesson can also be used to explore very visually the concepts of repetition and concurrency with children already familiar with ScratchJr.

1. Demo

2. Lesson Overview

In this lesson children will:

  • create a ScratchJr project for their song
  • draw their own bee character and a simple backdrop
  • drag and drop blocks of code instructions into sequences to make their bee buzz

Finally, as a class, they will record together the bumble bee song.

3. Tutorial Video

Watch the tutorial video to get started with the ScratchJr coding app and learn to code this project …

You can also use the video as a teaching resource in your classroom, pausing the video as necessary when the class is coding.

4. Classroom Resources

1. Lesson Plan
2. Worksheet

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