Row Your Boat (3-7 years)

A fun nursery rhyme to code for 3-7 year olds. The scenes get progressively harder so if you have a mixed age group, you can start them on the correct scene or get them to code the whole project and see how far they get.

The Hungry Caterpillar (Ages 4-8)

Use Eric Carle’s story The Hungry Caterpillar to create an animation in which a caterpillar eats lots of different foods before turning into a butterfly. Can simplify or extend for younger/older coders.

Hungry Caterpillar project demo: Simple version
Hungry Caterpillar project demo: Advanced version

Dear Zoo (Ages 3-8)

Create an animation using the story Dear Zoo where a child is sent a pet from the zoo that is too scary / fierce / tall etc. What is their perfect animal at the end of the story? Can simplify or extend for younger/older coders.

Dear Zoo project demo: Simple version
Dear Zoo project demo: Advanced version

Games workshop projects (Age 6+)

Superhero Smash: A collection of fun and interactive gaming projects that use superheroes, monsters and reward coins in order to get to the next level. For intermediate/advanced coders.

  1. a) Munchie’s Kingdom (Level 1)

1. b) Grouchey’s Coin Room (Level 2)

  1. c) Urchins Sea Cave (Level 3)
  1. d) Superhero Smash: Grouchey’s Dungeon (Level 4)

2.Peachey’s Quest: A follow on game project with multiple levels, rewards to collect and foe’s to overcome. For intermediate/advanced coders.