The Sing & Code pack introduces children to the power of code with 4 fun action songs:

  1. Taking Home My Baby Bumble Bee
  2. Little Peter Rabbit
  3. Coming Round the Mountain
  4. Knees Up Mother Brown

Our Approach

Our aim is to make coding fun and give children the confidence they can make things in code.

In the Sing & Code pack we teach coding as a language, leveraging young children’s phenomenal ability to absorb new languages. Through this approach we rapidly expose children to powerful coding patterns and concepts that they can then manipulate for themselves.

We specifically designed our resources to allow teachers to integrate coding into other classroom activities rather than having to teach it as a separate activity disconnected from other learning.

We have also worked hard to make our resources genuinely age appropriate for kindergarten, elementary and primary school children.

Empowering Teachers

Critically, this pack is not just for IT specialists.

We want to help all teachers learn to code themselves as they help their class learn.

We provide you with everything you need to teach coding in a fun and accessible way even if you’ve never coded before. But we do that with flexible resources, you can adapt for your school as the children’s ability develops and your confidence grows.


For each project within the pack we provide a:

  1. Demo video – a video of the song to be made
  2. Lesson plan – with lesson structure, suggested timings and learning outcomes
  3. Worksheet – designed to be accessible by all children even if they can’t read
  4. Slides – classroom ready Powerpoint slides covering each activity within the lesson plan
  5. Training video – step-by-step video suitable for teachers’ own training and in the classroom

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, children will be able to design, code and test simple computer programs for themselves. Specifically, they will:

  • Have a good familiarity with the ScratchJr coding app
  • Understand that blocks of code are specific instructions that can be ordered into sequences
  • Use a wide range of code blocks to make multiple characters move in different ways
  • Understand that we can:
    • give instructions values that can be changed
    • tell characters to repeat or iterate instructions
    • iterate both whole sequences and sub-sequences of code
    • make characters do different things at the same time or concurrently
    • make different characters do the same thing or different things concurrently
    • reuse common code patterns in different contexts
    • synchronise actions between characters

The Sing & Code pack fulfils the specific requirements of the UK’s National Curriculum for Key Stage One. It also allows younger children to manipulate with confidence, powerful coding concepts not typically introduced until Key Stage Two.