EYFS Hop Little Bunny

Code Club Bundle Cover ShotIn this project young children discover that they can make characters move in different ways with different code blocks.





1. Demo


2. Lesson Overview

In this activity children will create a ScratchJr project for their song.

  • They draw a bunny character and draw a field backdrop.
  • Then they will drag and drop blocks of code into a sequence to make bunny hop.

Finally, they will record the Hop Little Bunny song.

3. Tutorial Video

Watch the tutorial video to get started with the ScratchJr coding app and learn to code this project …


You can also use the video as a teaching resource in your classroom, pausing the video as necessary when the class is coding.

4. Classroom Resources

You can download all the teaching resources in this single zip file – add.

Or you can download the individual files below:

1. mama.codes Hop Little Bunny- Lesson Plan
2. mama.codes – Hop Little Bunny- Worksheet
3. Powerpoint Slides – add